I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how i present my work and more specifically the style of my work, both how i create it and how i change it in post edit.

I’ve always had an attraction to an older style of photography something that is very fashionable at the moment making me want to pull away from it so as to try to stand out from the crowd.

i hear two schools of wisdom on the subject of having a specific style to your work, one says “your young now is the time to experiment don’t limit your self with a specific style or look” valid advice! the other says “find the work you like and more importantly the work you like making and run with it” the work you do when your procrastinating is the work you should do all the time”

I’m sure it looks like I’m verbalizing a pretty obvious point but as a photographer who’s still finding way in the industry making the wrong decisions on things like this can be the difference between getting or losing a job that pays this month rent.

so I’m going to focus my efforts on making the work i love the sort of thing id like to look at if i was a viewer, i just hope their is enough people out there with the same taste as me :)

Short Film

Ok so i’m far from a film maker, but one of my assignments for the end of my first year at uni was to make two short films. Of the two this is the one i was slightly more happy with…

The Question

I apologise for the dodgy audio and my cringey interview at the end

and also clam no rights to the music,

But as a first attempt I’m pretty happy..

busy week also did a impromtue studio sesion of my neice :)

few shots for wilson check out his work in the links below

few more new film shots

more agfa vista 200 35mm shots few edited on lightroom this time all shot on my om-10

i hate doing these things….

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thanks guys and also if you have a pageof your own and you want more “likes” (really feels cringey to say) but feel free to message me on the fb page love to see what other people are working on :)


So uni work is getting a little crazy at the mo with three big projects (not to mention a couple of essays) all coming up at the same time, but hey ho guess that’s the nature of the beast but its not leaving me much time for my own projects in the mean time hear are a few new film pics (some slightly edited after scan) and all being well ill have a few Finished projects to show you within the next week or so..





So I got shortlisted for the eaton portrait prize

This probably has no place here as a post but I’m proud… so here goes each year one of the alumni of my university (generous chap that he is ) donates some top class prizes (a mac, a graphics tab and 150 quid in book vouchers!) so its open to the whole photography dep’ all 3 years and tho i didn’t win i was short listed and to be in the final 10 my first time out was a pretty big compliment in my eyes..


[my entry “sophia” an portrait of my niece.. above framed where it will be diplayed in the university and bellow as a full image for you to see better]


having seen the competition it just made the compliment even bigger!!

long story short my friend Stephen won and rightly so too his image was amazing!!

have a look at his work here


see all the short list here


and the winners here


Cley next to sea

sooo its Sunday DAY OFF :D today i spent the morning with some old friends who are getting married,

they’ve asked me to take some pics of the very intimate ceremony in a tiny little windmill just off the coast.

so i went with camera in hand to go get an idea of the location and how the service would play out.

here are a few of the shots i got while wandering around this beautiful spot





Old Glass

As promised in an earlier post, here are the first few images taken on my canon eos 500d with the old zenit lenses.

Pretty happy with the result looking forward to using them more..